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    storage suggestions for laptop

    parthibaraj Level 1


      buying a custom built laptop from eurocom. It has 2 m.2 SSD slots and 2 HDD slots. The seller gives one HDD hitachi 1 TB travelstar 7200 RPM at $40 along with the laptop setup. only the first hard disk comes at lesser price. Rest all over priced. so not going to buy from them.


      now suggest me to fill up other 3 slots. (cost effectively). Just a beginner. purchasing mainly for learning and practicing.


      1. how much capacity I need for boot drive and which SSD to choose. maybe a possible dual boot. not decided yet

      2. how much capacity I need for scratch disk and which SSD to choose.

      3. how much capacity I should put in HDD and 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm. any hdd suggestions? since I have not put in any data, should I go ahead setting up the RAID now itself? or it is based on necessity? any other general advice should do. going to use premiere pro , after effects, cinema 4d.