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    Elements 14 poor quality video.


      I am using elements 14 to make videos with 4k and 1080 video . When I am editing the video it looks great , specially because the raw video colors are kind of dull , but when I apply auto color fix it looks great , but when I feel I got the video I want and try to save it to my computer at the highest setting it becomes very pixelated . playback is horrible . I took 4k video of snow scenery , but it looked kind of white washed , but when I applied auto color correct it looked great , a lot of detail the sky looked blue the mountains looked great , but when I saved it to my computer the playback was horrible . what gives?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format is the video?


          Look under the Edit menu. What is listed on the General page of your Project Settings?


          When you say you are editing 4K and 1080 video, are you talking about two different projects or are you mixing these two very different resolutions in the same project?


          When you add your first clip to Video 1 on your timeline, is there a yellow orange "render" line over the video clip? This render line indicates that your project settings do NOT match your video specs, which is vital is you want the highest quality video workflow.