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    ExternalInterface browser differences

      I am building a page that pulls JavaScript code (a "widget") from a widget service. I am trying to prove that a Flex app can be rendered inside that JavaScript widget. The widget must be able to call JavaScript methods.

      So far, I've gotten it to work in FF 3, but not IE 7. It renders in both, but when I call flexApp.ASFunction("test") from JavaScript in IE, it gives me the exception: "TypeError: Object does not support this property or method." When I run the JavaScript widget by itself (as a separate page), the callback function works in both IE and FF.

      I don't think it's a security issue because it works in FF. I don't think it's a code issue because it works in IE as a standalone app.

      My question is: Why does my SWF object render, but not register the javascript callback function only in IE?

      other information:
      I'm using swfObject 1.5 now, but I tried swfObject 2.1, AC_OETags, and plain html and it doesn't seem to matter. I'm rendering the widget with JavaScript's eval() and passing in JSON. I've currently got the allowScriptAccess set to "always". I'm running everything on localhost. It doesn't seem to matter where the SWF file is located. The sandbox is always "remote".

      Any help would be appreciated.