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    Delete photo's on SD card after import


      Hi all,


      Just new on this forum and using LR for a couple of months now. Watched a ton of tutorials on Youtube and learned a lot but there is still more to learn.


      I have a question about importing pictures from my SD card to my externel HD and my LR catalog.


      After import I immediately start to select the pictures I want to keep and those which I don't want to keep. When I made my selection I press ctrl-backspace and delete all the pictures which I flagged as rejected out of my LR catalog and also on my external HD. Is there also a way to delete all the rejected pictures from my SD card?


      I find it confusing when I have shooted new pictures and would like to import them the old rejected pictures on my SD card are all selected. I wish the already rejected pictures where faded like the already imported pictures or even better deleted from the SD card.


      Thanks for the help.


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