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    Photoshop CC: Save is too slow to Network Hard Drive

    TheAnji Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am using Macbook Pro 250GB Flash Drive for Photoshop and use 2TB Time capsule Network storage for files. I noticed that saving to Network drive is too slow.


      Today I tested 700MB file, it took 5 seconds to save into Mac drive. but when I save to Network Drive it took around 2 minutes to save (Sometimes 1 min but definitely slower that Mac drive).

      I connected Wireless. and my WiFi speed is around 100 MBPS. My laptop is around 10 feet far to Wireless Router (Not sure if this is related to issue).


      Is it normal? Is there anything that I can improve the performance?




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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not believe the Adobe officially supports network drives.  However  it seems to work well on my Windows home gigabit network. How fast is your network?


          A 800MB psd took 25 seconds the transfer seems to be seems to be done with write behind for the transfer is reported 98% done for like 8 seconds.  before the file is fully committed. Make sure your network id not waiting for write commit for each transfer.


          At 100M bits per second your 700M Byte file should transfer in a minute not two.

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            Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

            Two major issues for speed and improve time to read and write. Read this article from https://www.softraid.com/index.php even if you are on a PC this information is invaluable.


            Most of us save our digital files to our OS drive (TheDrive with our operating system on it) Our OS drive should never be fuller than 30%. SO if you have a 100gb drive and only have 10gb left, it is to full. I know that it seems like a lot of storage that is 10gb, but it has to do with percentage of the available storage that is left. If it is a 100gb drive and you only have 10gb left that is only 10% available storage. NOT ENOUGH!!


            Especially with spinning drives as they get fuller they get slower, way slower.


            Even for my main photo storage i use larger drives and raid them to speed them up.

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              TheAnji Level 1

              I couldn't able to fix the network issues. I have moved all my picture folders to 3TB passport USB 3.0. Now it is taking 700MB file around 10 seconds to save. I tested with placing my catalog in MAC disk as well as in External hard disk. both took almost same time.


              I will only use network drive for just backup now. Not for Photoshop work.