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    Problem with cfexchangecalendar tag


      In my app I need to schedule an appointent in say user1 calendar based on what time the other users have selected. I have the delegate editor permissions for the user1 calendar. I tried using
      username ="myaccount"
      protocol="https" >

      But I get Unable to connect to the Exchange server using HTTP/HTTPS protocol error but if i take out the user1 name then it works fine and I can schedule an appointment in my calendar. How can I make it work. is there some other way this can be done.

      How do I access other person calendar?

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          Michael Level 1
          I don't think delegate access is enough.

          You will need to setup a domain account that has Exchange Full Administration permissions. You do this in the Exchange System Administrator. Contact your Exchange administrator for this.

          Then, use that same domain account in your cfexchangeconnection tag.

          Beware, it could take a couple of hours before the permissions "take" after you set them. Don't expect it to work immediately.