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    Multiple signatures by different people in one PDF form using a Topaz capture pad?


      I work for an apartment management company. I developed a master form that auto populates all the necessary forms and lease for the tenant(s). Currently, we print them out and have them sign them. I purchased a Topaz digital signature pad to have ours tenants sign with instead. However, as soon as my form gets auto populated and I try to sign the first signature field I receive this message:


      "The document cannot be signed in its current state. Please close it, reopen it, and then sign again."


      Now, if I do that, I can sign the first signature field, however, I receive the same message again when I try the second signature field. Now, if I do that again, close, open, I can sign the second signature field  We sometimes have up to 9 signatures on one form. I cannot be closing and opening each PDF form over and over. Is there a way around this? I was trying to make the process easier, not more difficult.


      That brings me to another question. Since we have so many forms to be signed, would it be possible to auto populate each signature onto each form? We sometimes have up to 10 forms that need signed. If the tenant could only sign once, that would be great!


      Thank you in advance!