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    Automatically Output Data for Fillable Forms




      I am creating a fillable pdf of a test we need to administer. The responses will be single 1 digit numbers (choose 1 of 5 options).  The responses need to be printed after the test-taker has completed the test.  The issue are:

      1. The test will be administered at a remote location by a different organization
      2. No one is permitted to make copies of print test content but ourselves and we will not be there
      3. The responses will need to be transcribed to a scan-able answer sheet while the test taker is present so they can verify it


      Now, it is possible for the test administrator to transcribe from the electronic version directly though this is not the best option.  What I would like to do is have the responses automatically outputted to a file.  A txt file would be the best for such simple data.  The problem is that I am relatively new with working with Acrobat and LiveCycle and anything I find for outputting the information from a fillable pdf is to be done when it is returned to us.  We need for the export file to be created immediately after completion of the test.  Is there some way to do this?


      I have Acrobat XI Version 11.0.18


      My apologies if this was asked before, I didn't find it thought it best just to ask.


      Thanks for any help with this.