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    Export selected items as PNG, SVG in different dimensions in AI CS6 and older

    kg93420415 Level 1

      1) In latest Illustrator versions we have exportSelectionAsPNG method, it exports PNG with 100% scale, but what value should be passed in "options" parameters if I want export different scale?


      2) In Illustrator CSx we haven't even exportSelectionAsPNG.

      How can I export selected items (SymbolItem/PathItem/etc)?

      I readen Illustrator ExtendScript reference, looken at C/C++ source code of Illustrator SDK, and even tried reverse-engineering of Illustrator DLLs, but didn't yet found any way to do this simply.

      I found only 2 ways to do it tricky - via creating artboard and duplicate art, and via creating layer and duplicate art.


      2.2) Way with artboard is preffered for me, but there is a problem. My new artboard is creating inside first of document's artboards, when I set x=0 and y=0 it uses coordinates of my first artboard, i.e. new artboard creates as a nested artboard, and nested artboard when exporting have non-transparent background, and I don't see any way to create new artboard outside 1st artboard, only set x < 0 and y > 0, but it is dirty trick, I even cannot determine what first artboard's 0,0 origin isn't document's 0,0 origin actually.


      Thank you.