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    Widows & Orphans for Web

    kirinp83881274 Level 1

      It's a tricky request given the responsive nature of web text, but does anyone have a workaround to widows & orphans within Muse?


      Here's a link on the subject, not sure how it is would be currently supported by different browsers, or if it could be integrated into Muse anyway. the new code – CSS last-line: Controlling Widows & Orphans

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You can always insert manual HTML/ CSS. Not sure if your request makes much sense in the first place, though. Muse doesn't specifically address the @print media type at all to begin with and that's about thze only time this would be relevant. If you wanted to cook up a whole set of print CSS rules, it would be much more sensible to do this after the fact by adding it in the published HTML code by including an external CSS file.



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            Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

            Muse just have no multicolumn text or instrument that would wrap the text to another page. Therefore, in the Muse is pointless to use this code. This may be true only for CMS, but not for Muse.

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              kirinp83881274 Level 1

              This has been marked as answered but has conflicting responses. If there is any way to prevent Widows & Orphans besides hard line breaks (which do not seem viable for responsive sites)? If so, that option is worth exploring.

              Mylenium, what is a good starting point for understanding how CSS for text formatting would be usable within Muse?

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                Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                It is simple: Muse doesn’t support widows, orphans, text piping, because these features are far from being supported in actual browsers.

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