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    Text Disappears using Publish Online, Windows system


      Text Disappears using Publish Online

      Windows, InDesign 2017.0 Release ( x64 Build)

      All attempts to use the Publish Online feature result in disappearing text. Images appear, but text does not. The text appears fine when exporting to PDF.

      After reading through the community forum, I have tried various methods.

      • Save as a IDML file – did not fix the problem
      • Create a new file from scratch – did not fix the problem
      • Test case of creating a new file (8.5 x 8.5), placing a simple text box in the center of the page using the default font – text disappeared.


      To recreate the steps:

      1. File, New Document, Document Preset: Default, Intent: Web [Choose OK button]
      2. Using the Text tool, draw a text box in middle of the page and type “This is a test”
      3. Save File or Don’t Save File – your choice, same outcome either way.
      4. Choose Publish Online, Publish New Document, Pages: All, Export as Single [Choose Publish button]
      5. View Document – it’s blank


      Can anyone advise as to how to create a document where the text appears when using the Publish Online feature of InDesign on a Windows system?