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    ETSI vs Adobe PadES B-B Level conformance

    Normand Williams

      I am working on implementing PAdES signature generation and validation and i am testing using the Reader DC and also the ETSI online conformance checker tool.


      In one of my tests i add the adbe-revocationInfoArchival attribute to the signature content and Reader DC happily validates the file and reports that it is PAdES B-B Level but the ETSI online checker reports an error. I verified with ETSI to inquire if they were interpreting the specification correctly and they directed me to ETSI EN 319 142 V1.1.1 (2016-04) page 21 item i) which says that whatever is mentioned in ISO 32000-1 shall not be used (and that includes the adbe-revocationInfoArchival attribute).


      So is this a bug from Adobe or are they interpreting the spec differently? Please help me  understand this mystery.


      Thank you, Normand