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      Trying to get LR5 to display all of my photos in my external drive but it is making me find it file by file. That will take me 5 years to accomplish. what is the shortcut method for LR5 to display for my editing ALL of my files. It did at one time but now only diplays a few and makes me hunt for the remaining. This is not an amatuer user friendly app. Does anyone know how to do this task with a few keystrokes? And where and when will I get an answer? Adobe is not giving me phone help as an option. so I am stuck with this thread thing. mI hope I get an eamil with the answer because as soon as I hit send what is my next step?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          If the folders have question marks on them, you can right-click on a folder and select Find Missing Folder and select the folder's new location. This will connect all photos in the folder. If you do this on the parent folder, then the parent and all-subfolders will have their photos connected.

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            kurnsnick Level 1

            ok they all have ?'s so it sounds like Im close to a solution. I want all 15,000+ pics I have back into LR5 library. They have been there before.  Ok so that did find most but not all picks. Im still looking for some.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              Ok so that did find most but not all picks. Im still looking for some.

              Can you explain this further, provide lots of details? Can you show us screen captures of an example?

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                ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                DJ has you pointed in the correct direction.

                You need to fix all the "missing" folders before you try to fix the missing images.

                If on Windows, check to see if the drive letter changed.

                Fixing the top-most "missing" folder will fix all the folders under it.

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                  kurnsnick Level 1

                  Ok I give up. My file structure is all jazzed up. I have spent 5 hours today trying unsuccessfully to get back to using LR5 but apparently Im not smart enough. Thats why I stopped using LR to begin with and switched to elements. Id rather spend my time making cool pictures with what I have instead of trying to find a file in a sea of files. Call me stupid, thats ok I already have. but LR and photoshop are not for amateurs. Thanks for your help DJ but i am helpless