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    Cloud or not to Cloud?  Subscription question from past user

    indesigna Level 1

      I can't seem to get my question answered definitively.  Used to be a registered user of InDesign CS5.5.  Haven't used the program in a while.  However, recently upgraded to a new PC with windows 10 installed.


      Will my older version of InDesign work if I install it on Win 10?  Or will it just crash?


      If I buy a new version of InDesign to work with Win 10 do I really have to spend $200 or so a year to get a copy?  I'm just a casual user at this point, so I don't understand why there isn't a cheaper way to buy it?  And if I spend the $200 for the first year, and don't renew it.... do I lose access to the program or just support?  Confused?!  How come as a registered user, I'm not offered any discounts?


      Is there a big learning curve to go from CS5.5 to go to most current, Win 10 version?  Or will I be pulling my hair out?


      Thx for any answers.