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    Is this video too complex to track?


      I've been attempting to create a tracked video for weeks now.  Not having much luck.  I've shared the clip I want to track.  I just want to have 3d text sitting on the front part of the house.  I keep getting stuck on solve camera, and when I do get track points the app crashes.


      Tracking Issue? - YouTube


      This is the video.  I'm using Windows 10 pro, i7 6700K, GTX 1080, 32gb DDR4

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Trees and twigs = noise. Not enough distinct patterns and to boot, you are merely dollying in. There is barely any real parallax in your shot. It's a zoom shot which are notoriously difficult to handle even in software thatz allows manual markers and calibration. This will never work. It's simply shot wrong to begin with. The crash is a bug, though.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            So I took a quick look at your footage and the description of what you were trying to accomplish and I decided that the easiest and fastest way to approach the shot was to use a variation that I often use of corner pin tracking. Because all of the trees are bare and present almost identical patterns, and because there are constantly changing perspective on each of the trees it's going to be very hard for AE's camera tracker to figure out what points are the good ones and difficult to track.


            Here's my approach:

            1. Downloaded your sample clip
            2. Used the clip to create a new comp in AE
            3. Selected the clip in the timeline and then choose Track in Mocha AE from the Animation meny
            4. Inside mocha I went to the end of the clip and drew a spline around the front of the house that included most of the front of the house that was on the same plane
              Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.41.11 PM.png
            5. I tracked backwards and then set up the plane and tested it. There was a little adjustment required so I increased the number of pixels tracked - see the green keyframe and picked up the track just before it failed
            6. I copied the corner pin tracking data and back in After Effects I duplicated the footage layer, pre-composed the top duplicate and then applied an animation preset that I have that adds Corner Pin and CC Power Pin to the layer. I selected Corner Pin and pasted the info from Mocha
            7. The animation preset just ties the corners of CC Power Pin to the to Corner pin and selects Expand (see the screenshot below)
            8. This gives you an enlarged view of the house that is stabilized. From there I added a text layer. Because of some perspective shifting at the end added a couple of position keyframes and then added and animated some blur so the text would have the same look as the video. The bottom layer (footage) is turned off so that only the text remains
              Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.42.17 PM.png
            9. Back in the main comp I selected the pre-comp and again pasted the corner pin tracking data from Mocha This applies corner pin to the text layer and then I checked the preview and everything looked just fine.

            Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.42.38 PM.png

            Here's the AEP so you can check out the work: Dropbox - Text On Porch.aep  note: your browser may add a .txt extension to the aep when you download it. You can just remove it and it should open. Just point to your footage.


            Then, just for fun I gave Camera Tracking a try. After 2 tries at solving the camera I was able to find some markers at the end of the shot the lined up fairly well with the front of the house. It took about 10 tries to find the right markers. I then set the origin and ground plane and then added a text layer. A few tweaks brought the text into position. A quick rem preview showed me it was a pretty good track but right at the end some position and possibly rotation keyframes will have to be added to keep the text stuck to the house. Here's the AEP for that solution to the problem: Dropbox - Camera Track.aep


            If your system is crashing at the end of the camera track with solving the camera you might want to try trimming the shot to just the frames you will use in the final edit. Also make sure that the comp is set to full resolution and the magnification factor set to 100% before you track. You probably should also purge all memory and cache before tracking. If you are still getting crashing try transcoding the video to an image sequence and tracking that. Image sequences require a lot less system resources to decode than the compressed footage that came from the drone.


            One more note on the project. It took me about 15 minutes to position the text using Mocha and be pretty much ready for final color correction and rendering. It took about 20 minutes to get the camera track to work properly and I still have color grading, blur and some position adjustments to make to polish up that version.


            I hope this helps and gives you some options. If the shot was a little different Camera Tracking may have been my first choice for the effect. The right tool and the most efficient technique always depends entirely on the shot.

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