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    Elements Import into LR


      Been using Elements V14 for about 1.5 years.  THinking of updating to LR and doing some research.


      Found this link at first


      How to import photos from Photoshop Elements, other Lightroom catalogs, or apps such as iPhoto in Lightroom


      Two things on this.

      It notes


      Photoshop Elements 6 through Elements 13 on Windows and from Photoshop Elements 9 through 13 on Mac OS.

      I see within this Forum that people have done from Elements 14 so I guess it just a little out of date?


      Also and probably most importantly

      • Information added using the Events feature in Elements Organizer will not
        appear in Lightroom. You can create tags for the events you've identified in Elements Organizer and the tag information will be imported into Lightroom.

      Since I don't use LR yet, and unfamilar with tags, would it be best to create tags in LR before importing Elements Catalog.  And as I use Events a lot to organize in Elements, is there some way that might help automate this process - Like exporting the Events as a text file from Elements and getting that into LR.




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Frank


          There is no advantage in creating tags in LR in advance. Photos would need to be key worded in Elements with the metadata written to files.


          One method would be to do some prep work in elements organizer. If you convert events into Albums they will come into Lightroom as collections when you import the PSE14 catalog.


          Simply choose an event and use Ctrl+A or shift+click on the first and last thumbnail to select all. Click the green plus icon to the right of albums, add an album name in the right hand panel and click OK.

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            francisl61708089 Level 1

            Hi 99jon,


            Thanks for that suggestion.  That might work.  Do collections in LR have some hierarchy?  That is mostly how I use Event tags.  For example I take part in weekly photo challenge.  So I have "group" for that year's collection with an individual event for the week. 


            Maybe its my lack of understanding and using albums in Elements, but it seems like I need to be in the album to search on individual Keywords, People or Places.  So for example if I have Keyword - Moon for shot that has the moon, Elements only seems to find those within my current album.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Yes, the current version of Lightroom (version 6.8 or CC 2015.8) will import PSE 14 catalogs.


              Tags in Photoshop Elements (which you should be familiar with) become keywords in Lightroom. This is simply a name change, otherwise they are the same thing.


              I agree with 99jon that you want to organize the Events into Collections. In Lightroom, collections can indeed have a hierarchy, which is created by first creating a Collection Set (a parent collection, so to speak) and then drag and drop.


              You do not have to be in an album to use tags/keywords. You can have no album selected and still use tags/keywords.

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Do collections in LR have some hierarchy?


                Yes you can use collection sets.

                Think of collection sets as folders containing more than one collection/album/event.

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