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    Missing Video Control Bar


      I'm using LR 6.8, have imported mp4 videos (Canon), but I can't play videos.


      I'm in the Library view, Loupe view, the first frame is displayed, but I'm missing the video control bar. Does anyone have an idea?


      Thanks in Advance, Karl-Heinz

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Back about version 6.2, I uninstalled Quicktime from my computer due to internet rumors that (on a Windows machine) there were security issues.  A side "benefit" was that Lightroom stopped playing my video files.   I put Quicktime back on my computer and Lightroom worked again.  Apparently some support files (codecs?) are shared.  


          I've read that sharing Quicktime support files is historically common and Adobe is moving away from it. 


          Quicktime security can be solved two ways.  One is that when you install it there is an option for only the support files.  The other is to change Quicktime.exe to Quicktime.old.


          Hope this helps!  Good luck!



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            Balun51 Level 1

            Bill, you're great!


            I had Quicktime already installed, but I simply installed the latest version again, and it works. The video control bar is now available again.


            Thank you so much, Bill, you made my day.



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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              Glad I could help!  It is not often I get to.  


              The security glitch with Quicktime for Windows got about 15 minutes of fame but apparently remains. 


              Renaming the Quicktime.exe file to .old is not my idea.  It is routinely suggested as a good idea on the Adobe Premier Elements forum.