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    Updated Adobe Extension Manager - CC automatically installed?

    TanBrae ** Level 1

      Hi all,

      I am using CS5 Web Premium, and am not interested in upgrading to CC. However, a while back, I had an apparent software compatibility issue, and the support I talked with said that something with one of my Adobe softwares was "too upgraded" to work with that software. So, I followed the link he gave me to install a downgrade. I figured this would be okay to do, but, figured wrong (of course!).


      Any way, since that downgrade, things have not been working quite properly. So, I gave up on that other software (Cricut Design Space to use with my Cricut cutting machine), and did an update from Adobe Photoshop, and from Adobe Extension Manager.


      When I checked my applications, I saw that Adobe CC is now in there. I do NOT want this, nor do I want to pay for it. So, is it safe to uninstall that? And, if so, do I use the uninstaller that came with the package?


      The icons have the arrow in them, indicating that they could be "aliases".


      My computer has been running VERY slowly since that downgrade, and I don't want to mess anything else up, that's why I'm asking here.