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    Experiencing delayed start of Lightroom 2015.8 on new SSD, Develop Module issue? anyone else?


      Morning, did a recent fresh install of Windows 10 64bit, on my EVO SSD, Lightroom catalog and photos are on the SSD drive as well. I have 16GB RAM XPS 8700 i7. AMD Radeon HD 7500 Graphics card Driver 15.201.1151.1008. Prior to reinstall of windows I vvaguelyremember Lr booting up quicker or no delay. Now...

      After clicking Lr it takes 10 Seconds before the Lr splash screen pops up.

      Then if it goes straight to Develop Module another 50 seconds before I can actually use Lr, I get the current photo and "LOADING" until for about 50 seconds and if I try to click it hangs until it finishes.  After this wait period, Lr runs fine, but I don't remember this prior to upgrading to my SSD and would think it should run ALOT faster. I know the DEVELOP rely's on CPU speed vs. Drive speed, but again, don't remember this issue before.

      I've tried the (Performance) Graphics checked and unchecked and same. I've tried creating a new catalog importing about 10 photos and creating 1:1. But same issues. Ran that test multiple times with same results.

      NOW.... If I switch to Library Module, exit and retry, it still takes 10 seconds before anything happens / I get the Lr splash screen, BUT then in about 2-3 seconds I can use Lr and browse my library AND once I go into the DEVELOP module, it freezes again for 15+ seconds....

      Any thoughts?