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    How to best build a repeatable ladder pattern?

    RauPP Level 1

      Hello everybody, I'm currently trying to give an old, worn out print a new, clean frame. This is not professional restauration but just for fun and training.


      Below you can see a sample of the frame:


      Ladder Pattern.jpg


      In the beginning I was thinking about reusing the old frame and redrawing the individual lines to preserve the beautiful hand-drawn look, but it's not worth it. The print is very large, this sample is just about 1% of the whole frame. The time I can save on the frame I can put into the print itself, where it will show more.


      So I decided to rebuild the frame with more automated methods, something I have little training with. One method would be to paint a single segment and then copy/paste them. But I was wondering if there were better methods. Is there, for example, a way to create a path in this ladder pattern so I could try to scratch it with various brushes to see which gives it the best texture? (My main concern with this method is that the many vertical bars would have to be drawn a bit thinner than the long horizontal bars, and I wouldn't know how to do that with only one path.) Or would it be better to whip out Illustrator from the get go? (Which I would first have to do some basic training with, sigh.)