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    Lightroom won’t connect



      Brand new to the Creative Cloud suite and learning about lightroom.  I can’t seem to get Lightroom to connect and this it will not sync with the mobile Lightroom app on my iPhone.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




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          BTU485 Level 1

          I am using a Mac Book Pro (2013) and Yosemite if that matters.

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi Brian,


            Please ensure you are using the latest versions on both Desktop and iPhone.


            Also, send (or attach to the forum thread) us the LR mobile/LR desktop diagnostics logs?


            1. The LR desktop log shows up when you open the LR desktop preference->Lightroom mobile and with the alt-key a generate log button will appear.
            2. You can trigger the LR mobile log via the steps...
            •   Long-press the top left LR icon within the Lightroom mobile settings.
            •   After that LR mobile generates a diagnostic log and opens this up within your e-mail client.