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    (URGENT) How to reinstall Photoshop after reset without serial code?




      Hi, I recently bought a new customised PC from a local computer shop. When I was buying it (in person) he asked if i would like something downloaded onto it to use. He said he had lots of apps he could download to my computer if I paid. So that's what

      I did. He installed Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge, etc. But he also installed a full version of Photoshop CS6.


      I loved it and was happy I bought it, but I have two monitors and one day they started acting up. I had to reset my computer without realising what I had on it. I just came back to it and everything is gone, like I expected. But I soon realised what I'd done.


      Is there anyway to reinstall Photoshop back onto it (without paying for a new subscription)? I've tried looking for Windows.old, but to no avail, it's not on my computer anywhere. And I know I can't download it again with Creative Cloud without the serial code, etc. that I obviously don't have because I didn't buy it personally. What do I do?


      Thanks, Eoin.