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    Photoshop Preference Settings doesn't work


      Hi dear reader, I need help because I really don't know what to do. I just bought new notebook for learning and working on photoshop, but I have some problems.


      I'm using Windows10 64 Bit, Photoshop CC verison 2017.0.1 release.

      not- My notebook has *Tablet Mood* maybe all problem coming from here?


      When I'm opening Photoshop all interface, fonts and tools were too small, I attempted to change all the settings from "Preference" the "Interface: Color Theme" also "Text: UI Language, UI Font Size, UI Scaling" but all settings that I have changed they have not changed. Also when I'm trying to change  "Window: Workspace" All modes give me this error *Could not apply the workspace because the file could not be found.*


      What I need to do to solved this problem?