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    Problems capturing all media from mini dvds in Premiere Elements 12


      For the past month or so, I have been creating several projects in Première Elements 12 in order to transfer home videos from mini DVDs to larger DVDs.  I have created 10-15 projects from a total of 30-40 mini DVDs, and burned each project to a large DVD without any problems (other than some quality issues, which is a separate matter) until recently.


      During my last two projects, I have noticed that not all of the video on some of the mini DVDs is being captured when I "Add Media".  For the first project, I did not have any issue with the first two mini DVDs, but then noticed that not all of the video on the third mini DVD was being captured.  After trying various fixes described below, I thought that it might be an issue with the project or the disc, so I deleted the project and video files, and started a new project with completely different mini DVDs.  Almost the exact same thing happened (no problem with the first two discs, problem with the third).  The project sizes aren't large, and contain only about 35-45 minutes of video each.


      In each case, the following occurred (I followed the exact same procedures I have been using for the other projects over the past month without any issues):  I place the mini DVD in the computer's DVD drive and click "Add Media" from the computer's DVD drive.  In all of my past projects, three video files appear: The first "Video_TS.VOB" is the mini disc's main menu and I ignore this; the second "VTS_01_1.VOB" contains 15+ minutes of video; the third "VTS_01_2.VOB" contains the remaining video on the mini disc (usually 3-4 minutes).  In the last two projects, the third file shows 34 seconds and 7 seconds, even though they should show 3-4 minutes (I have confirmed that each mini disc contains 18-19 minutes of total video).  With the second project (but not the first), when I clicked Refresh, the third file showed 3 minutes and 37 seconds, but when I captured it to the Timeline only 7 seconds was transferred.  I have played both mini discs on the computer and in a separate DVD player and have confirmed that there are no issues with the discs and they both played the full videos.


      I tried burning the mini discs to a separate large disc and using that to capture the video in PE12, but the same issue occurred.  I have also deleted the projects and video files from my hard drive and started from scratch, but the same thing happens with the new project.


      Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  Any help would be very much appreciated.


      The following information may be helpful.  Please let me know if any additional information would help:


      Première Elements 12 for Windows.


      Camcorder - Sony Handyman DCR-DVD403.  I bought this around 2005 and it takes video on mini DVDs. 


      Computer - Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBD

      Model Name:  80QQ

      RAM:  8G

      HDD:  1 TB

      Built-in DVD RW

      Runs Windows 10