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    Can't cancel Adobe Stock plan!!



      as many people here, I signed for 10 free photos then a free month trial

      now I don't have option to cancel via my plans tab and I already got one invoice for 39eur


      I think that's terrible that you don't ask if anyone want to continue after trial, instead you just make people pay for something thay can forget they even have

      I used like 4-5 stock photos during trial, and that's only because i didn't have time to shoot my own


      what can we do about this?

      obviously i want to cancel the subscribtion ASAP


      best regards

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          As per the offer terms, you can cancel during the first month without penalty if you do not wish to continue with the subscription.


          The renewal payment was not authorized so your plan has been cancelled.


          Kind regards



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            Hi Beverley, I am having the EXACT same issue. No one gave me warning of signing up to a Stock subscription. Can mine also be cancelled please?





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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Hi Beth


              As payment was not authorized your Stock plan has now been cancelled.


              Kind regards



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                bethanyw81091358 Level 1

                Thanks heaps!




                Kind Regards,




                Beth Padgham




                [removed personal info]

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                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                  You're welcome!





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                    Hi Beverley


                    I'm in the same situation. My payment for this was declined (thankfully) but there was no warning that my renewal was coming up in order to cancel the subscription. I haven't used any stock images as they're not suited to my work currently.


                    We live busy lives and while it would be ideal to set a reminder that the subscription renewal is coming up in case we want to cancel, that too can be forgotten with so many distractions.


                    Adobe make a lot of money out of us all, and we don't begrudge paying for quality products, but great products should be backed up by great customer service, and part of that is send a courtesy email to subscribers letting them know the renewal is approaching. Not everyone will cancel, but a trial is just that... a chance to see if it's what works for you in your endeavours. If it doesn't, cancellation should not be this hard.


                    I know you've been very helpful to everyone on this forum, so props to you. This is not a personal dig at you, but perhaps some feedback could go back to Adobe about this.


                    Please cancel my subscription also.





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                      Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                      Hi Allison


                      Thanks for your feedback.


                      With annual, paid monthly plans you are agreeing to an annual commitment and a renewal email is sent 30 days before the annual renewal date.


                      Sorry for any confusion caused.  Your subscription is now cancelled.


                      Kind regards



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                        Hi Bev,


                        I'm in the same situation here. I subscribed to the trial, thought that I could download video contents with it. But it turned out that I could only use the plan for images (which I never used at all).


                        Also, there was no warning telling me that I was getting a one-year subscription after the free trial. Now when I try to cancel the plan, it says there will be a 50% of the annual price penalty. Can you help me cancel the subscription? To be honest I have never downloaded anything with the trial or the current plan.





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                          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

                          Hi Cheng,


                          Sorry for the trouble it has caused to you.

                          However, when you subscribe to the Stock promo offer, the first month is a free trial, Adobe doesn't charge you for the 1st month; the subscription billing actually starts from the second month.

                          If you cancel the service after the 14th day after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

                          For more information, you may refer to Legal subscription terms | Adobe


                          You may now self-cancel your Stock plan. Please refer to Cancel your Adobe Stock membership to understand your workflow.

                          Also, please contact our support team Support FAQ: How can I contact Adobe for support? to check if they can provide some exceptions in this scenario.


                          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.