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    Building Actions

    AZP Photos Level 1

      I have not used actions very much but I'm setting up an action for a few steps that I don't want to take the time setting up all the time. The one I'm working on right now is Frequency Separation. When I record my action I am using Layer 1 and then go through my steps from there. if the layer that I start from says layer 1 all is fine, but if I try to set this up from an image that the layer says background or anything else it doesn't like it. I don't know how to set this up so that it will always work no matter what the layer is named. Thanks for your help.

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          PanosFX Level 2

          If you have PS CC:

          Add a new action to the existing set, that contains a single step that renames the Background layer, to "Layer 1".

          Then insert a conditional step at the beginning of your core action (to do so, click the actions panel menu button, and select "Insert Conditional"). Then:

          - Choose the condition "Layer is Background" from the "If Current" menu.

          - Select your new little action from the "Then Play Action" menu.

          - Leave the "None" option, in the "Else Play Action" menu

          If you have PS CS6 or older:

          Insert the Flatten Image command at the beginning of your action. Then edit the action so that it starts from the Background layer.


          Kind regards

          Panos Efstathiadis

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            Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Set up the action same as you are now, except use:


            • Alt/Opt + [ or ] to move back/forward one layer
            • Alt/Opt + Shift + [ or ] to add one layer back/forward to the active selection
            • Ctrl/Cmd + [ or ] to move a layer down or up one


            This will take any layer name referencing out of the equation, and replace it with "move active selection/layer by one"

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              Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

              In my frequency separation action, I used a layer set and an explicitly named layer, so it does not matter if the original is a flattened image or if it has one or more layers as this is creating a non destructive copy and is not dependent on the original layer names/structure.


              Dropbox - Frequency Splitter v2B.atn.zip

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