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    Add Hindi and Punjabi fonts to InDesign



      We're working on having one booklet translated in several languages, two of them are Hindi and Punjabi.  We're trying to copy the translation from a Word document and paste it on InDesign, but it doesn't work.  We tried several options, including changing the font to Adobe Tamil, with no luck.  Any help on this will be highly appreciated!  Thank you!


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not a foreign language expert. But from being on the forum, two questions occur: Are you using the Adobe World Ready Composer? Have you tried PLACING the Word file into InDesign rather than copying and pasting (the latter generally does a poorer job of communicating between applications).?

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            Ellis home Level 4

            Steve is right on both accounts. One way to enable the Adobe World Ready Paragraph Composer is in Paragraph Style Options>Justification>Composer>Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer. Also make sure you have selected the appropriate language in Paragraph Style Options>Advanced Character Formats>Language.

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              Joel Cherney Level 5

              Steve and Ellis have covered the high points for you, but i have a few fairly important bits to add. You are not going to find any Hindi glyphs in Adobe Tamil. However, Adobe Devanagari most certainly does have Hindi glyphs, and it is available in Typekit.


              However, I would bet you the beverage of your choice in the city of your choice that neither typeface contains glyphs for Punjabi. There is a very active Punjabi type development scene, but you will not have an easy time finding it if you are looking for Punjabi fonts. However, if you are looking for Gurmukhi fonts, you will probably get better results. That's because, while the language is called Punjabi (or Panjabi) the script is called Gurmukhi. A similar situation obtains in the case of Hindi and Devanagari - or in that of English and Latin script, for that matter.

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                Thank you so much, Ellis. I was struggling to get my Hindi text correctly show in indesign and you helped fixed it!!