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    cpu usage too high


      i want to use my puppet on twitch but the cpu usage of character animator is between 20% and 45%. is this normal?

      maybe the camera is using too much cpu? there is a way to disable the camera preview and still use the face capture?


      there is a plan to make an app for use the finished puppet so i dont have to have the editor open so i can save cpu usage?.

      because obs+game+ch animator i will get 100% cpu and thats not good.

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          You can close the Camera & Microphone panel while the camera is on (use the Window menu or the hamburger menu in the panel tab) and it will stay on. But that won't save much CPU -- most of the horsepower is used by the face-tracking itself, not the display.


          If you're not using the face tracking or lip sync, turning those off (toggle buttons at bottom of Camera & Microphone panel) does save a good chunk of CPU time.


          Turning off or removing unused behaviors can also help. This is done in the properties panel: for a selected timeline puppet there is an eyeball for turning each behavior on/off. You can also completely remove a behavior in the puppet panel by selecting the appropriate group (or nothing for the root level) and choosing Remove Behavior from the hamburger menu to the right of the behavior name in the properties panel.


          Of course it depends on how fast your computer is, but 20-45% CPU does not sound unusual to me.

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            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

            Another option: lower the framerate on your scene (select it in the properties panel or deselect all track items in the scene, then look at the properties panel). Rates as low as 12 fps can actually look _better_ than higher framerates because people are used to 2D cartoons being animated at that rate.