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    Need to deactivate Adobe Video Presenter Express on a device

    KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

      My original Cintiq Companion's screen died and Wacom replaced it.  They sent me a replacement device..... unfortunately I had installed all my software on it before realizing that it was not taking a charge.


      So Wacom, thought they might be able to clone everything from the original device onto the a second replacement device.  Thus, I left everything on it.  So I sent that back.  But when I got the second replacement device I saw that they were unable to clone everything.


      So now..... I have 1st replacement device (returning this one) and 2nd replacement device (keeping this one).  I have to deactivate Adobe Video Presenter Express on the device I am returning as I can not complete the registration on the new device until I deactivate it on the device I am returning.


      Anyone know how to deactivate this on a device?