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    Can I do this in flash?

    kitweb Level 1
      Is it possible in flash to have each separate layer on each face of the cubes in this picture? I have been able to achieve this in after effects but the types of things I need are much more easily achievable in flash. Does this all make sense?


      sorry im not sure how to embed this as an image.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          i understand your picture but i don't understand your question.

          do you want to know how to create that using the drawing tools in the flash ide? do want to know how to create that using the drawing api? are you asking something about flash layers?
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            kitweb Level 1
            i have a better image here


            I have built this geometric sculpture and I am projecting separate After Effects layers onto each cube face by using a 3rd party video mapping software. I just convert each layer to a video file and then input it into the software and project it over each cube face separately. It is easy in after effects because I can build a virtual model of this sculpture and preview what it will look like before I render each layer out.

            Each cube face has to be able to be rendered out independently so in the end I have 10 video files to represent the 10 faces of the sculpture.

            What I want to know if there is any way that this can be achieved in flash? Ie building a virtual model of the sculpture within flash to see how it looks and then rendering out each layer separately (10 2d square video files).

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              Walter Elias Level 2
              Seems like you might be able to do this in Flash CS4, with its 3D rotation. Perhaps one of the beta testers or early users can comment on this.