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    Breakpoint Indicator

    RGPatt Level 1

      How can I tell what breakpoint I am looking at if I am zoomed into the upper left corner of a page?

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          David Asch Adobe Community Professional

          That's a valid point. Currently, there's no way to see it.



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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            right click onto the coloured bar, watch for "breakpoint properties" or keep colours in mind or even better, chose your own colour and keep that in mind.

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            Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-12 um 13.44.32.png


            Hope this helps

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              RGPatt Level 1

              Yes, but my problem is that I am working with two large breakpoints: 1259 and 1824.  In order to refine a group of very small text boxes near the upper left of the page I zoom into 200%.  At that point I can no longer see the colored portion of the breakpoint bar on top.  I have to scroll over to see it or zoom out.  So I guess this is a feature request for a dropdown somewhere or even better a window that shows the current breakpoint without  my having to do anything.


              I have 24 pages with these two breakpoints and the little text boxes which have to be unique to each page (they are navigation links) so you can imagine my frustration when i realized they all needed to be changed in size, position, and links.

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                RGPatt Level 1

                I have also noticed that the shortcut keys (shift + cmd+5 or 6) seemed to have stopped working in my project.  Do they only work for breakpoints that are visible in the project window?

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                  fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                  I can understand this pretty well. My frustrationlevel is trained to be very high.

                  But still when I scaled to well over 200% I can see the breakpointbar and if I click on it, I can realize the colour.

                  But to be honest–of course it would be great to have these small indicators on the right side as well on the left side.

                  But I guess, they (ADOBE) tries not to overload the view.

                  This might not be a real solution but maybe someone out there puts in on a list.

                  I know there`s a page where one can put suggestions on.

                  Ideas for features in Adobe Muse (Read-Only)

                  That you create 24 pages with different menu for each, might be not our fault.

                  Why don`t you create the menu one time, copy it and place it on the same spot on each page? Linking should be copied as well.

                  Anyway, keep your head up


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                    RGPatt Level 1

                    I noticed that when I restarted Muse the shift-cmd-5 or 6 started working again.  Does this tell me something about the health of my computer or about Muse?


                    How's this for an idea:  The breakpoint bar itself need not be literally tied to the ruler so long as the scrubber was.  It could show all the breakpoints no matter how far you zoomed into the page.