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    when i try to open the book it says "this computer needs to be authorized with vender id to open"


      I ordered an ebook from the publisher and opened it in digital editions no problem - i had not authorized my copy of digital editions on my personal teaching computer. i then authorized my personal teaching computer with my adobe id about month later to synch with books i had purchased on my personal dissertation computer with a specific account. however when i entered digital editions on the personal teaching computer it no longer allowed me to open the book from the publisher instead it gave me the error message above. namely, "this computer needs to be authorized with vender id to open". I wrote to the publisher and they gave me a new link to the book. it still doesn't open and gives me the same message. I figured it had to do with the email account which differs from the one i contacted the publisher with and the one i have my adobe id with. so i requested the publisher change my email account associated with it. they said it is not something that they do but rather i had to contact adobe. can someone please help me with this issue? what am i doing wrong? ideally i would like to synch everything on all my accounts between all my computers. but as of now i can't even open my ebook at all that i need for teaching.


      Message was edited by: suzanne duchesne Ok so I went searching and found this to be a useful posting which worked - https://forums.adobe.com/message/8489168#8489168