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    After effects eating up all my RAM memory


      so, i have 8gb RAM and after effects for some reason is eating up everything.

      im using CC 2014 and i dont think it was supposed to use all the RAM i have considering it says in Adobe site that 4GB is the minimum and 8GB is the requirement.

      If 8gb is the requirement, i guess it should have no lag or anything if im using 7gb.  however i cant preview anything due to lag. today i created a new sequence and put a video in it, and i couldnt preview it because it would be in slow motion on something. i didnt even add any effects or anything.

      i already tried increasing the memory reserved for AE as well as increasing cache size to 100gb in my HD. i also tried to enable CUDA but for some reason it said my graphic card does not have cuda or something ( which it does )


      can anyone help me?