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    LR-CC: Fuji X-Pro2 RAF/Raw File import issues


      I realize this question is redundant but I can't find a definite answer to this issue.


      I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5 on a 2015 iMac, just upgraded to Lightroom CC a week ago from 5.7.1.  One of the reasons I upgraded was I purchased a Fuji X-Pro2 a couple of weeks back and my previous LR could not preview import the Fuji RAF/Raw files. I had to convert to dng first (which I prefer not to do).


      I havce the exact same problem in LR-CC. No preview when I attempt to import Raw files from either the SD card or even from an external HDD, but a checkmark appears in the box. When I click import the 'Import Results' window indicates "The format is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom". So, in the end I still have to convert to dng (using Adobe DNG Converter 9.8). Very frustrating.


      Has this issue been resolved?