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    Adobe Flash FAST Memory Leak

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      When you start the web page from the supplied link you will see a graph (it starts at the FLASH PLAYER using 11.23 MB for that browser tab).

      Note again that I state 11.23 MB for each Flash Player instance per browser tab where an active Flash object resides.


      With a hundred active & open tabs that is.

      (Number of open tabs) x (11.23 MB per flash player) = Total memory waste.

      Now go back to that webpage with the memory graph.

      Flash Player is gobbling memory while idle.

      Every second it jumps in active memory usage from 0.023 MB per second the tab is open.

      If you close the tab or refresh the tab, the Flash Player resets to 11.23 MB for that active tab.


      Do you see the problem here?  It should be pretty obvious.

      For one active tab your active Flash Player instance is gobbling up 11.23 MB per each tab and 0.023 MB per second.

      So your total memory wastage is now:


      (Number of open tabs) x (11.23 MB per flash player + 0.023 MB allocated per every second the browser tab is open) = Total memory waste.

      Or for basic memory calculation.

      (Number of open tabs) x (11.23 MB Flash Player waste + (0.023 MB x seconds per each unrefreshed tab open)) = Total memory waste.

      Or for minutes.

      (Number of open tabs) x (11.23 MB Flash Player waste + (0.023 MB x 60 seconds per each unrefreshed tab open)) = Total memory waste.


      For a browser with 10 open tabs.  That is 112.3 MB of memory usage for using the Adobe Flash Player.

      For a browser with 100 open tabs.  That is 1123 MB of memory usage for using the Adobe Flash Player.

      (Most people don't have more than an average of 2 GB or 4 GB of memory on their older PC's)


      Now let's add in the TIME FACTOR.  If the browser doesn't refresh the tab, that memory usage does not reduce itself at all back to the baseline 11.23 MB per Flash Player instance per tab.


      For 10 minutes, with the Flash Player wastefully allocating 0.023 MB per second per tab, the memory hogging eats up an additional (10 min x 60 secs x 0.23 MB) 13.8 MB per active tab.


      So the math is now for the Adobe Flash Player, 10 tabs = 112.3 MB + (10 x 13.8 MB) = 250.3 MB of browser memory wastage.

      For 100 browser tabs, 1123 MB + (100 x 13.8 MB) = 2508 MB (which exceeds the active RAM space of the browser).  In another 10 minutes, it will begin to gobble up all the SWAP FILE space of the hard drive.  In another 10 minutes, it will exceed the normal default SWAP PAGEFILE space of the OS and begin to kill the web browser.


      All this is pointless (0.023 MB per second) memory hog wastage is EASILY ELIMINATED if the webpage with the Flash Player is refreshed (but doesn't eliminate the waste of 11.23 MB usage per flash player instance per tab).  Now imagine if the Adobe Flash Player itself, refreshed itself (without eliminating any Flash Game information) about every 3 minutes, so as to eliminate this stupid memory leak and memory hogging by using a smaller Alias Command that linked to the Flash Player object code and then activated itself to proper full size when needed per tab and cleaned the active pointless 0.023 MB memory leak per tab by simply retaining active player code per Flash game while flushing out old cached Flash Video playback memory usage.