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    Adobe - Tell me why I should renew my subscription? [LR CC performs very slowly on well specified system - hours to edit a single photo]

    Toby Karlquist Level 1

      Hello Adobe,

      You recently sent a pop-up survey to me through Lightroom asking what would make me more likely to recommend LR CC to a friend.  Here is the reply that I sent back:


      What would make me more likely to recommend LR CC to a friend?  Fixing the program so it works as advertised!  My frustration level with LR CC (2015.8 Release) has reached the breaking point.  It becomes nearly impossible to edit photos when using the adjustment brush.  LR CC takes FOREVER to catch up as you work with the brush.  A photo that should take just a few minutes to edit can literally take several hours to work on because of how slow LR responds.  I am paying for a yearly service/program does not work as it should. If I ran my own business this way I would be put out of business in a very short time.  I am not getting what was promised when I signed up.  This is not a new issue with LR.  I have been searching the forums for months trying to find a solution that will at the very least speed up the process or correct the problem.  There are hundreds of complaints about how slow LR operates and it appears that with no resolution Adobe just plain does not care about the customer anymore.  I am thoroughly disappointed in LR and Adobe and am actively searching for replacement editing software that actually works.  I am a semi-pro photographer and I need reliable editing software that works as promised and does not take hours to edit a single photo.  I am running Windows 10 Pro Version 1607, build 14393.576. My processor is an Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40/3.41 GHz.  I have 16 GB of installed RAM.  It is a 64-bit operating system.  My display adaptor is a NVIDIA Quadro K2200.  So in answer to your pop-up survey question, no – I would not recommend LR CC to a friend or colleague.  And yes, I would be VERY happy to discuss this with someone at Adobe.


      It was no surprise that I did not hear back from anyone at Adobe regarding to my response to their survey.


      So now my early Lightroom + Photoshop CC Photography plan is coming due for renewal. My question to you Adobe is why should I renew my subscription?  Why should I give you more money just so I can spend the next 12 months pulling my hair out trying to use your product?  Can you tell me if you are addressing any of your LR Community’s concerns? Are you going to introduce a new build that fixes the issues that many of us are complaining about?  The ball is now in your court.  Please give me a reason why I should renew my subscription.  Thanks for your time.