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    Transferring files to another catalogue without loosing datas.

    kim7913 Level 1

      I've been using just one catalogue for 8 years but now I feel that I need to organize all files base on year with a catalogue. More files mean more HDD that I need to plug in together which is very ridiculous.

      Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 2.54.02 PM.png

      As you can see, I have two HDDs so far but if I want to access those previous files, then I need to plug my first HDD together since Im using the most recent catalogue to back up all files. I can not do this after I have more than 3 HDDs which will be very complicating situation. So Im thinking to create catalogues base on year like 2017 or 2016 instead of putting folders base on year. BUT, I have no idea how to transfer those files to another catalogue without loosing datas. I already edited a lot of images and I dont want to import images without datas. Are there any ways to transfer those files to a new catalogue without loosing edited datas?