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    Lightroom Freezes upon deleting second image


      I'm running Lightroom 6.8 on OSX 10.11.6 on a fairly new iMac.  I am also using a Drobo 5N for my images, and so, when deleting an image, I get the standard message telling me the image cannot be moved to Trash, ans asking me if I want to permanently delete it.  I can successfully delete a single raw ORF image from an Olympus OM-D E-M1.  When I subsequently attempt to delete a second such image, (Remove Photo - Delete From Disk), Lightroom continues to show the deleted image in whatever module I'm in, and will not allow me to select a different image, effectively freezing Lightroom.  If I try to change modules at that point, I get a message that Lightroom encountered an error while trying to change modules. 


      My only recourse is to shut and restart Lightroom.  At that point, the deleted image is gone, and I can successfully delete another image before Lightroom freezes again.  Anyone else seen this issue?