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    iPad Testing: Little Red Hen reading app built with Edge Animate and Cordova/Phonegap

    mlprouty Level 1

      I was wondering if anybody would be interested in testing an iPad app. It is a multimedia educational reading app that was created using Adobe Edge Animate as a IDE and leverages Cordova/Phonegap technologies. I think it demonstrates some very powerful capabilities of Adobe Edge Animate.


      If interested, I can send you a link to where the app can be downloaded to your iPad. It is 246 MB in size.


      The website for it is at:



      This website needs to be updated but will give you an idea of what it is about.


      After reviewing this app, I'd appreciate any feedback. Feedback can be provided through the app testing process.


      Some interesting app technologies:


      * App internal web access to pull images

      * Device local directory storage for images and recordings

      * Device camera

      * Device audio recording

      * Device stored images


      Edge Animate/jQuery:

      * Audio and video integration

      * Paging - left/right up/down

      * Paging - drill down

      * Scrolling page menu

      * Swiper audio/video speed control

      * Swiper video positioning

      * Touch programmed words syllable pop-outs

      * Timeline tractor pushing syllable blocks

      * Drag, pinch, rotate images.

      * Localstorage




      Mark Prouty