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    Create panoramic animation in After Effects?

    jennaelaineb16 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm wondering if it's possible to create and render a panoramic animation in AE which is a panoramic cylindrical image?


      What I am basically trying to create is as follows:


      A bespoke cylindrical lamp shade that has a 14 foot diameter and is 5 foot tall is actually a 360 degree projection screen.

      The image on the 360 screen is created by 5 led projectors. The software connected to these projectors can either show the same image 5 times around the screen, or preferably as a single 360 degree panoramic cylindrical image.


      The animation I would be looking to project in a panorama would be similar to this one...


      Botanical Allure - Animated Textile Design for Commercial Space. on Vimeo


      I am not looking to create a 360 VR animation.


      Hopefully someone can help advise


      Thank you.