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    batch processing, deduct from auto tone, and still have unique exposure value

    HVACProDan Level 1

      Hello, I'm looking for a solution to a batch processing problem that I'm faced with every time I attempt to batch process photos, from a shoot that involves shooting inside than going outside, and back inside. From time to time there are exposure issues. I want to even out all the exposures. By batch processing using the auto tone control command.

      Using auto tone control, results in a unique exposure value based on each image your processing.(Usually their way too hot by at least 1/2 a stop or more)

      As part of that same batch process I would like to deduct a value of -50 or about 1/2 stop less from the unique value
      generated by the auto tone control. Resulting in a 2nd unique value for the images In the batch process.

      The best I can do with the standard LightRoom presets, Is to focus on 1 of the images and reduce  the auto exposure slider by about 1/2 stop.

      The result of that adjustment is. Only the image in focus at the time of the adjustment would have a unique 1/2 stop

      All the other images in that batch would then automatically sync to the exposure amount from the focus the image.


      Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?