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    "indesign-9.064" is undefined!

    SimonLinden Level 1

      I have just updated to InDesign CC 2017. Previously I used inDesign CS 6 and started my scripts with "#target InDesign;" and it worked fine. Now when I try to run these scripts my computer wants to open the old installation of InDesign instead of running the script in the CC 2017 version which is already open. I googled this and discovered that I should now add '#target "indesign-9.064"' to the start of my scripts instead. Unfortunately this doesn't help - all I get is the error message in the title of this question: '"indesign-9.064" is undefined!'. Any ideas on what I should do to run my scripts in InDesign CC 2017? I'm on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.


      Another related question. When I open the scripts panel in InDesign and right click a script to edit it in ExtendScript Toolkit it automatically opens the old CS6 version of the toolkit. How can I set it to automatically open in the newest version instead?