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    Where to find cyberpunk textures libraries?

    Oaneyl Level 1



         I'm sorry if this forum isn't appropriate for this kind of questions, but I have to create a template with neons and so on, and I would like to create a cyberpunk atmosphere for that. Do you know some textures libraries (preferably free but otherwise it's ok) where I could find textures to reproduce a wall with this kind of cyberpunk atmosphere?




      Thank you in advance and I'm sorry if this is a forum exclusively for technical questions.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could easily create all of this yourself. Beyond that it's merely a mter of using the right keywords. "Cyberpunk" in itself is not a category, but you can find all sorts of dirty and cracked wall textures, rusty metal and so on on 3D-centric sites and there's tons of tools and tutorials to create such stuff.



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