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    Shared assets for blog editing?

      Is there a way to enable or configure shared assets for editing blog entries? Since Contribute is such a kick-*** blogging tool, I am sure there must be a way.

      I use Shared Assets for inserting images with captions into web pages. It is similar to this technique explained by Jason Santa Maria . I need to provide the same experience to the user for inserting images with captions when editing a blog entry as I do when they are editing a web page.

      Since I can't administer a blog connection, but only configure its connection, I don't know how I can use Shared Assets. There are quite a few other editing settings I would like to tweak. I know I can do some tweaking by editing BlogHub.csi, but I don't know how to configure the Shared Assets settings.

      Thanks is advance,

      Faust Gertz