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    Looks like I was forced to pay twice more for Adobe CC.

    Antonych1212 Level 1



      My annual subscription was cancelled, despite the fact, that I had 2 (TWO) working credit cards attached. One card processed the first payment. Another one was attached after the notification, that the first one didn't respond (though it's OK). The test payment was also processed OK with the second card. But after 5 days I was informed that my sub. is cancelled and now I have to buy it again and pay the new price - twice more.

      The support says, the old one can't be reactivated.

      Was using my annual sub. just for one month before the subscription price raised twice in my country in January. Just a coincidence, right.

      They could say just "now you have a new price" and it would be OK (though it was not in the contract), but not like with this stupid "failure" trick...

      Does anyone else have the issue?


      BR, Anton.