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    HOW TO USE AE? (FOR BEGINNERS, seriously, i can barely load a clip in)


      So recently I've started using AE. I am really really struggling. I have used sony vegas pro and can use that to a good standard but I want to take the next step, basically.

      I was wondering, how to split the audio from a video. I've tried the muting the video but for some reason i can't get that to work. is there any other way of doing it??

      Also, I have a clip and want to put a new audio underneath it. (the original clip didnt have any audio). But the audio has a clip (hence why I want to separate the audio from the video) and I can only see the clip from the audio not the clip I want to see. How can I see the clip without audio and get rid of the clip with audio but still have the audio?




      (there seems to be like 3 questions in this but there is only one)