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    Muse 2017.0.2 is now live

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      The latest version of the Muse update is now live. You can download it from your Creative Cloud desktop application. To ensure a smooth upgrade, see Creative Cloud application, update, best practices, avoid disruption, smooth upgrade


      This release encompasses the following:

      • Minor enhancements:
        • SEO enhancements for image references in Muse-generated site map files.
        • Ability to open a specific container in an accordion widget from a hyperlink.
        • Anchors placed within an accordion widget will now expand the accordion pane on clicking.   
        • For large files, performance improvements that speed up file export.
      • Bug Fixes:
        • An image that has no scaling applied to it retains its hyperlink after it is published to BC.
        • Accordion widgets with the Can Close All property enabled expand and collapse as expected.
        • Muse no longer quites unexpectedly on opening a .muse file from a network location.
        • For a given selection, when you drag the vertical move handle beyond 0 px on the ruler, the scroll bar continues to be visible.
        • If a rotated image has been stored in CC Library, dragging the asset onto the canvas retains the expected orientation (continues to stay rotated).
        • On a page with multiple items having varying stroke weights, you can now apply a 0 stroke weight to one or more items.
        • The alignment property of Submit button text is retained on export.
        • On exporting a page with a stroke applied, page items retain their sizes and positions.
        • In Design mode, on using the Responsive Scrubber, State buttons that are nested within compositions work as expected.
        • Muse files on network folders open without errors.
        • While uploading a site containing images to a web server, no .htaccess file errors are observed, and the upload completes as expected.

      For more information, see Adobe Muse Release Notes