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    making external SWF internal

      hello. i recently downloaded a XML splash rotator from flash den.


      i set up the XML files so that its loading the pictures i want and it is working fine when i publish it and check the html.

      i than open up my main website in flash, i select what frame i want the swf to load and use the "Load movie" command. i check the published file and the swf loads fine but its WAY to big, stretches off the screen and its all out of proportion????? whats goin on?

      the ideal thing would be to have the "rotator" actually be part of my main flash document, i want to be able to control and set it up right in the main file. is there a way to import SWF's or FLA's so that they are a single movie clip?

      i also need particular video to start playing once a slide on the rotator is clicked. i can set this up in the XML file but all you can do is redirect it to an HTML file. i need it to control the timeline in the main SWF file.

      here is my website without any of the "rotator" stuff. it would go under the "video" section