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    faking a studio drape onto the floor??

    AlanEHoward Level 1

      Hi taking some pics of tables and want to cut them out and place them onto a fake mottled studio canvas (the old master type) ..

      I need some advice on taking a flat 2d image of a background, and making it look like it's hanging on a studio stand and draping onto the floor and coming towards the camera .... If it were possible to manipulate the lighting to enhance this 3d effect that would be fantastic..


      any help appreciated !

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          You could paint it or you could make one from a 3D layer:


          Create a background image using Filter Render Clouds:

          Create a new image and make a path :

          Make a 3D extrusion from that path :


          Rotate it and scale it :

          Go to the Extrusion material and select new Texture

          Drop your background image onto the UV map

          Save the texture :


          Generate bump map from diffuse



          Add a couple of spotlights and render



          Hopefully you get the idea