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    Eyedropper Options Freezes InDesign CC 2017

    Kristen C.

      I'm on InDesign CC 2017, dual Mac monitors and I use a Wacom tablet/pen. I use files in many different languages. Occasionally I will accidentally open the Eyedropper Options dialogue box when I am actually trying to use the default Eyedropper to change font attributes (it happens too often IMO, and I swear I'm not double-click happy) .  When the Options open up, all the option are checked, the Cancel option is greyed out, the OK option active. I can move the box around my screen, however I can do nothing else. Hitting enter does not close the box, I cannot cancel, cannot tab, cannot select/deselect any options in the dialogue box, cannot close or quit InDesign either with cmd keys or using my Wacom pen. The only way out is to force quit. I cannot find anything about this particular issue for this version of InDesign...the most recent thread was from 2015 I believe but I think it was about Photoshop. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be happening?